Automatic Audio Mastering Services are Bad at Mastering

  Why are Automatic Mastering Services Bad At Mastering? If you think about it with the exception of touch, what’s more personal and human than music? It’s something that people feel very passionate about. There aren’t very many things that can both make you feel great, laugh, and cry all at the same time. Stick […]

Converter Updates

We have been adding quite a few updates in the studio lately. The latest round of updates has been focused on updating our analog to digital and digital to analog conversion. Simply put this is the quality at which sound gets converted to 1’s and 0’s and 1’s and 0’s get converted back in to […]

EQ Shootouts Coming Soon

That’s right, we are going to be doing some EQ shootouts in the studio pretty soon. Analog EQs have strengths and weaknesses. Understanding these is the first step to making the right decision on how to spend your hard earned money. One thing I’ve noticed is there isn’t a lot of audio examples out there […]